About the Authors

P. Thomas Adams Jr., JD, Esq was a licensed attorney, a member of the American Bar Association Asset Protection Committee, a civil libertarian and an expert on constitutional law. He had formerly served on the board of directors of the ACLU of Idaho. Mr. Adams had extensive experience opposing the new civil forfeiture laws. He spent many years as a divorce attorney, assisting his clients in disputes over the division of community assets. As a plaintiffs' attorney Mr. Adams sued professionals, employers, businesses, police officers, sheriffs, prosecutors, municipalities and government officials. As a result, he learned every trick known about financial investigations, discovery, money trails, collections and bankruptcy.

Dissatisfied with the inequities of the legal system, Mr. Adams is now pioneering "preventive law" in the areas of financial privacy, international tax law, estate planning, asset protection, offshore incorporation, trusts, non-profit corporations and private foundations.

Now, for the first time, he reveals how you can obtain financial privacy and protect your assets from lawsuits, judgments and greedy lawyers. Mr. Adams teaches the secrets of Asset Privacy and how to create safe harbors to secure your assets from lawsuits and seizures. You can enjoy the same powerful protection formerly available only to millionaires, movie stars and the other super rich.

You cannot afford to pass up this opportunity. You must read "The Secrets of Asset Protection...Only the Wise Survive".



John D. Ewing, JD, MBA has a Masters in Business Administration, a Business Finance Degree and is a tax specialist. He is the Founder and Senior Managing Partner of the firm. His expertise is Corporate Management, Investing and Money Management, International Taxation, Corporate & Public Accounting and Taxation and is the firm’s public speaker to many groups across the country.

He has prepared thousands of Financial Statements, Corporate Resolutions, Audited Statements, Government Representations, Corporate & Personal Tax Returns for over 21 years while serving in a public practice and was executive counsel for some of the most elite corporations in the country. He has held positions as controller, comptroller and accountant for national companies in retail, industrial, commercial, oil and gas corporations. He has also acted as defense with Internal Revenue Agencies. Mr. Ewing is now the "voice" of Bridgeway Financial Corporation conducting weekly conference calls, personal interviews and holds public speaking engagements across the nation.

He is an associate member of the American Bar Association, member of the Ambassador's Counsel and a member of the Washington State Accountants Association.

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