No One is Safe Without an
Effective Asset Protection Plan

If you have anything to lose, you need to read
this book before it's too late!

In this incredible book you will learn:

  • How the collections process works

  • Which offshore jurisdictions do not recognize judgments from U.S. Courts

  • Which offshore locations are beyond the jurisdiction of any U.S. government agency or court

  • About Nevada corporations, as well as offshore corporations and trusts

  • Which state is the best jurisdiction to incorporate your business

  • How to lawfully protect your privacy from public records, lawyers, credit bureaus and investigators

  • How civil forfeiture laws are being used by many state and federal agencies to seize your property without going to court

  • How to achieve Maximum Asset Protection using an offshore corporation

  • Which offshore jurisdictions provide absolute secrecy with respect to financial accounts
  • How to lawfully minimize your taxes using a Tax Savings Corporation

  • How to stop creditors and attorneys from finding your assets

  • How to insure lawsuits will settle within your insurance policy limits

  • How to shelter your home, automobile, savings and everything you own from lawsuits and lawyers

  • How to turn your business into a judgment proof fortress

  • How to obtain Maximum Asset Protection by moving your money into offshore asset protection jurisdictions safely and legally

  • How to anonymously control and invest your money within the United States through a Nevada Privacy Corporation

  • When and how to use asset protection strategies (such as lease-back companies) and much more

  • How to shelter your assets under the world’s strongest secrecy laws



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